Video clips

bulletWhat Are Hybrid Rocket Motors?
bulletGetting Started With Hybrid Rocket Motors; a brief overview of what you'll need


bulletWhy are our Bulk Pack rocket kits perfect for schools?
bulletDoing Rockets: a quick guide to your first model rocket class

We had to share these great pictures of kids enjoying our Super Six and Polaris kits
thanks to Big Sky Science Education Enhancement in Montana!
Click the image to bring up the slideshow.



bullet Information about our Ejection Canisters
bullet Testing Ejection Canisters with alternative powders (smokeless, Pyrodex)


bulletVideo clip of filling and firing of a HyperTEK I220 with our ULS system
bulletVideo clip of HyperTEK J powered CANSAT flight
bulletVideo clip of "evil sounding" RATT Works H70 hybrid flight
bulletVideo clip of our Nose Cone Machine in operation
bulletUsing Pyrodex smokeless powder in Ejection Canisters, movies of tests
bulletIvan Galysh flies a ProPoly H70 hybrid motor, ignited with GOX and steel wool.
bulletIvan's fiberglass Arcas honks on a HyperTEK J!
bulletTest flight of GPS-enabled CANSAT on a Sky Ripper H motor
bulletTest flight of prototype Flight Computer on HyperTEK J
bulletMy 6 inch diameter Tomahawk flying on a Contrail L1222 at NSL Geneseo, with onboard video!

Instruction Manuals for some of our products

bulletSuper Six rocket kit
bulletD-Region Tomahawk rocket kit
bulletPolaris rocket kit
bulletGO Box Launch System
bulletPocket Igniter Tester




MARSA54L Flight Computer Information

bullet Instruction Manual (PDF)
bullet Close-up picture of the main MARSA54L board
bullet Screen shot of MarsaConnect software showing flight data graphing

CANSAT Information

Contrail Rockets

bulletCansat Transmitter Board Spec Sheet
bulletGalaxy Explorers CANSAT program info
bulletARLISS CANSAT Program web site
bulletImage of the CANSAT disk, including software and documentation (ZIP file)


bulletSTENSAT Beacon spec sheet
bulletContrail Rockets information page
bulletVideo clip of Contrail K543 at NYPOWER
bulletVideo clip of Contrail K888 at NYPOWER
bulletContrail J333 in a 4-inch diameter rocket at Great Meadow, VA