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Universal Launch System 2.0, Module 1 Baseblock
Universal Launch System 2.0, Module 1 Baseblock

The Universal Launch System 2.0 Baseblock Module is a standalone launch control system that controls three separate launch pads for solid rocket motors. Power is provided by an external 12 volt battery at the launch pad, where it can deliver maximum current through 40 amp relays. It will fire conventional solid propellant rocket motors, single or cluster, of any size. The LED/Transistor continuity circuit is safe with low-current igniters like electric matches.

The ULS 2.0 Baseblock Module is supplied with a bulb igniter tester. The hand controller requires two 9V batteries, which come pre-installed. All components pack up into the watertight case for storage.

"Hybrid Ready" means that the ULS 2.0 Baseblock Module has the circuitry to control fill systems for hybrid motors. Plug in the M-2 Valve Manifold Module and a supply tank, and you have everything you need for most hybrid motors (RATT, Sky Ripper, Contrail). Add the M-3 GOX/HV Ignition Module and a fill stem, and you're firing Hypertek hybrids. 
The Universal Launch System is the only launch system that can be used with any commercially available rocket motor, solid or hybrid.

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